September 14, 2008

The one that got away ;

My brand new Macbook Pro went and threw it's paws in the air... So I had to take the annoying thing back to it's makers.... 
 Now I'm without a 'puter and I feel abandoned!
 I've borrowed a kind neighbours spare Mac. Yep.. this kind man has a spare! Clever!

I was updating on my friends whereabouts on the slowly, dying phenomenon of Facebook and to my amazement, I see that David Foster Wallace, critically acclaimed author of "Infinite Jest" has hanged himself, last friday!
This intelligent and multitalented man will be missed... 

 Here's a link to an interview with D.F. Wallace about the article (which later became a book) he wrote on assignment for "Rolling Stone" about the  of  John McCain's 2000 campaign... Or this interview with my favorite dog in the world; Gromit..  (D. F's namesake; Wallace didn't show up on this occasion!)

I have had his book sitting on my well fed bookshelves for months. But the sheer volume and non too inspiring cover has kept me going around it, just until last night, where I finally took it down and to bed... It hooked me right from the start... And this evening I read about his early demise.....

It all makes me wonder of the painful coincidences of the lives we choose to live or not..

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