June 8, 2008

If Saigon is like NYC, then Phnom Penh is like Wolverhampton!

One should never make long busrides with a hangover! Which i learned today, painfully! Had a great night out in Saigon with my new pal Tom, who lives in there.... Sat at the top of the Grand old Dame of Saigon; The Majestic Hotel (1925) and watched the migthy Mekong river by night! And got hammered in the process..... Never mind, if ever there's a time for heavy drinking of classic Cocktails, then it would be there, at Graham Greenes favorite bar!

This morning, when the kind, but at times incomprehensible, receptionist at the "Indochine" gave me my wake up call, I (almost) couldn't be asked.... My ticket for Phnom Penh was for 9 o'clock.... But with an gigantic effort, I tore myself away from the allures of Miss Saigon....

It was a good bus ride, though... With a nice little ferry in the middle, if only it hadn't been for the excess of hard booze last night....!! The Cricket was cancelled due to rain in England! In Saigon , we had a mid afternoon thunder and lightning storm, gave the place some much needed cleaning and lower humidity numbers, which I could fully appreciat - Not easy, beeing a woman with menopause in the tropics!

Now I'm here in Phnom Penh and finally have access to some international news, which for some odd reason is out of reach in Socialist Vietnam?! - Almost all hotel/Guesthouses has had a TVset in the room with up to 50 channels, but no news in a language I could understand... But now I'm in this really nice 6 USD place and my Tv has everything... From Italian Rai 2 to BBC world.... And the first I heard was; That Hillary has finally faced the, for her I guess, awful truth, and has withdrawn from the 2008 elections! Wow.... That only took almost a year and I don't know how many billions of dollars.....

I have to adjust to being on my own again, after all this socializin' with other travellers.... But it is nice to be walking about. Hop on a Tuktuk, down to the river and have a quiet Mangoshake as my "Sundowner" at "The Foreign Correspondents Club"....(Recent violent history apart, of wich I should probably elaborate some more, and I do have it in mind at all times, but when I get through to the keyboard, it's not the first thing that comes up...... Don't know why!)

I'll do some fotos tomorrow with my brand new Leica 12 megapixels, bought for about 260 USD in Vietnam... Hey, is that cheap? I don't really know and I don't really care..... But I'm happy!

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Anonymous said...

Hej Brela - blot for at vise dig, jeg laeser din blog. Fortsat god rejse. kys