September 29, 2009

America - Get a grip - part 2

"It's pure Khmer Rouge stuff" -???? Comparing the image of schoolchildren singing and praising Pres. Obama to the evilness of the Cambodian regime that wiped out 2/3 of their nations population ( See my post from June 10) is ridiculous and would be sorta laughable in a uncomfortable way, if not for the arrogance that this comparison implies....
How dare they!
Such arrogance can only come from people who have lived all their sheltered life where wars, poverty, despair, hopelessness, violence nor hunger is not a daily part of the struggle called life....
How dare they?

Go have a reality check and when you're opposing the issue, make some decent arguments, instead of outlandish comparisons solely based on inducing chock value & fear. You live in a Democracy, for crying out loud, and your President is legally and fairly elected and not because a court chose to give him the majority of votes!
Don't remember that we heard such stupid/Ignorant comparisons, when schoolchildren were saluting Pres. Bush ?

This hysteric frenzy is so counterproductive. As " The leader of the Free world" you are being watched from all over, and in the countries where you're sending your young to fight for freedom and democracy the American way, the Bad Guys are having an easy job, arguing against you.

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