September 24, 2009

America; Get a grip..... Revisited

Okay, I know that Americans pretty much thinks that they are all alone on the globe and that their knowledge of what goes one in the rest of the world is mostly very limited... But do they actually believe that most of Europe lives in communist dictated regimes, where we kill our old people, when they're too old to work with the masses? - I mean, if you think of it logically and are able to come down from the dizzying heights of mass hysteria, you all seem to be suffering from - Then you must be able to see the absurdity in that statement!

Have you guys any idea of exactly how ridiculous some of your so called reporters sound, when they perform their uninformed diatribes, night after night? How ignorant your "average" Americans sound/ looks when they take the microphone and compare a democratically elected president to Hitler, because he wants to make health, a commodity, regardless of income? - Is it only outside USA, we see "60 min" and "Frontline" ?- US documentaries on TV shows us, how thousands of people, sick people, stand in line for days and nights just to see a free doctor or dentist, when the modern day "traveling medicine shows" comes to town, as an act of pure charity by organizations like; "Remote Area Medical" I mean, it's not that it's a total secret how most of Americans live! - This is America 2009 and not Germany 1930's - to 40's where people with some truth could say; "We didn't know".....

Here's a link to a clip of "The Largest Free Clinic ever held in USA" set up in Texas over the weekend.... Thousands of average Americans, who cannot afford health insurance, jumped at the chance to get medical care for free!

We, the rest of the world just kinda stare in disbelief, when we see your "finest" politicians painting Europe as a " Red Commie nest" and us, the inhabitants as "zombies" with no will of our own...??!

The only way 'they' can get away with all this misinformation and lying is because, the average Joe/Jane knows absolutely nothing about anything other what channels like Fox's fuzzy version of totally biased "reports" cares to tell them - I'm amazed, that with the opportunities that this "information age" gives us, that half of you don't listen to your sound voice of reason and try and find some information your selves, try and think for yourselves and not just take everything these buffoons tells you, for granted, the absolute truth.

This here whole "Birther" thing makes you look beyond salvation..... In the 60's the US caught a lot of slack from anti Vietnam-war protesters, and over the years we've had a lot of fun with Bush and his "infinite wisdom"... But we all cheered and danced in the streets, when you guys finally saw some sense and elected Obama for President -

But, alas, then you come up with all this absurd and foolish "arguments" and "evidence" just in order to condemn a national Health reform, "Obama was not born in USA" etc etc....!?! In a few words it makes you look really bad, but I suppose you don't care, you are intent on following the Bush/Cheney road to hell, all by your lonesome, under the misguided thought, that the last "Super power" of the world knows best and needs no help whatsoever from anyone. Your country is falling apart and you're taking all of us down with you, but that doesn't seem to concern you much....

The whole idea of a Democracy is that people can have a difference of opinion, without being persecuted. To have a debate, where one can argue, in a sensible way, what one stands for, whether your opponent likes it or not. But what you're showing everyone, incl. the countries where you're fighting and loosing lives is; that Democracy, the American way, is a long flow of misinformation, overreacting and absurd comparisons as to forcibly enforce your ideas on the "other half"

Come on, America! grow up! Stop acting like a scolded teenager, hollering, screaming, banging doors, whining and dreaming up far out consequences, if you don't get it exactly your way!

Get a grip! Stand up, tell the Rep. to throw away that Karl Rove playbook already and show the rest of us "socialists" how democracy is done in the 2009 ; with honour and the dignity of giving good arguments instead of blatant misinformation and outright lies....

I've always had this infatuation with the US, - always had this dream of "Road Tripping" across your beautiful nation, but as time goes by, I see/ hear how you let yourselves be sooo manipulated, mostly because of your own comfortable ignorance (Well, half of you, how come the other sensible half is not really heard anywhere these days?) But it makes me kinda worried - if it's really true, what you say; that you're the only superpower left on the globe!

PS; The rest of the world is waiting for America to bring their house in order. But as long as the Rep. party can prolong the "debate" of the American Health Reform, they don't have to take a active stand on the all important Climate issue.... and chip in with the rest of the Globe.

This video below; was last year, but the statement still stands; And she's only 12 -
America get a grip!

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