October 11, 2008

My Friends and Foes!

(This is pinched from the official McCain site!)

So, my friends..!! It has been e few days, since the last debate, my friends! And McCain didn't really win over, any of the undecided voters, my friend. And even though, I jumped off the couch a few times, during the Townhall meeting  debate, my friend! And felt like scuffling around on my sitting room floor, not unlike McCain, who only sat down to make notes, which he did furiously, my friends, rest of the time he was inspecting the outer realms of the studio. There was nothing much to write home about... that night, my friends!
  Apart from the obvious: That just like Mrs Palin, he seems to have some fixed worded phrases, that he'll keep using over and over. And that apparently John McCain has and is the answer to EVERYTHING!  From what to do about the current financial crisis to the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden... According to McCain; Al Qaida HQ is in Iraq... ?! My friends!

 Sarah Palin has just been "unveiled", my friend, as someone keen on exercising and misusing her power- well, my friend, does that come as any surprise ? And do you go "What??"  when she denies the whole thing? It's just the "bad-blood" of a former "Joe six-pack" or maybe a dozen six-packs more likely, according to the Alaskan Gov'ner! I told you she's toxic, my friends! But she makes me smile, especially when she tries to pronounce: "Nuclear" and when she clearly doesn't know the meaning of the words like: "Achilles-heel!
 All that makes me smile in the midst of this global crisis, my Friends!
 Wonder what "Huffington Post" will say... Always amusing to read someone who's informed &  vicious! 

In Denmark, we have this, normally high-quality TV programme, my friends, called "Dr 2 Udland" about international affairs. Somehow, in a mistaken attempt to come across as objective ? They have aired a few stories, shown as to show the audience, how Barrack Obama is no saint (As if anyone would think so? He's a  US politician and that calls for balls, not wings!) But the ignorance of the host (Tine Götche), came blazing through the screen. Hammering away the pre-prepared questions, without really hearing the answers of the person interviewed, who actually said the opposite,  of what the host had already decided was the "truth", my friend!
 The only question left, after seeing these "stories", my friend, is why? And how was that supposed to enlighten any of us?

Next thursday, the last debate, last face off, my friends...!!!  And luckily "That One" will be there too, My friends!

 And then a bit of "Debate" silence before the storm of November 4. - And back on the Campaign track - right or wrong... The millions of $ keeps on rolling and the race keeps on rocking!
 If (or when, it seems! If not the so-called "Bradley effect" sets in or something or other....!!??) Barrack Obama wins the US presidential elections, it'll truly be an historic event, of such staggering proportions that we as, dare I say it, my friends? racial, religiously and politically more sophisticated Europeans cannot even begin to fathom!

Ah... And now North Korea is off the Terrorist supporting countries list... It really does pay to issue threats, even if you adversary is much, much bigger, mightier and more powerful than yourself, as long as what you're offering in return is something they really, really want!
  Give some, my friends and threat some !

( I saw McCains overuse the term"My Friends" at this debate, as a sign of nervousness. Or it could construed as a billionaire intent on being chummy with "Joe the plumber". But the fact remains that; McCain is a rich man, who doesn't know how many houses he owns and flies his private jet well above the poor America, for whom he claims to know well and whom he's been fighting and POW'ed for...)

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