June 28, 2009

"There's a hush tonight, all over the world"

Michael Jackson's gotta be the biggest and most loved entertainer, the earth has ever seen, forget Elvis and Beatles; If in a tent full of Nomads in outer Mongolia or sharing a bonfire with the Tuaregs in the middle of the Sahara -( In India they call MJ "A true Diamond") - Very different people; And all of them, have heard of MJ ! And what never cease to amaze me; 99% of them are devoted to his music! His albums will survive all the media hype about funky slumber parties, plastic surgeries + all the other outlandish and juicy tidbits they've dished out through the years....

There's precious little to add to all the fine (and not so fine) eulogies written - So here's a 'Jackson 5' radio interview from 1973 incl '73 ads - This was recorded in New York city when things were still pretty simple and the Jackson Family could still make jokes about having to do home schooling on the road.... They all sound so innocent and uncomplicated - Michael is 13 years old and still far away from court cases, chimps called Bubbles, sons named Prince the I and the II. or "Blanket" for short....

If a "grown" man chooses to live on a enormous estate, which resembles something between a Toy 'R' Us outlet and Barnum's, then it must be safe to say, that this guy never really became an adult but stayed true to the oath that Peter Pan made to the Lost Boys... And who are we to judge what's right or wrong?

The King of Pop is dead - Long live Rock'n'Roll

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