June 10, 2009

Sheep, dogs and videotapes

 Okay, so Europe just voted themselves into the muddy Right Wing ditch; Unemployment is going up and up, xenophobia is blooming happily and fear of strangers'ism is now hailed as being a benign form of nationalism and "Oh so necessary" in order to fully protect  "our culture" which apparently can't stand for too much influx of anything unknown or "foreign"? which is a bit weird, for that's exactly, what has been happening since the beginning of time. And also a bit sad, really, in these times of globalization, even to think, that we'll be able to shut down our mental borders and keep everything foreign out of our art, music, language, writing and all things creative, which will only flourish and expand  from a continuing exchange of minds and thoughts.

So.....Things are pretty depressing these days, right?- My good friend Case emailed me this little  clip; and it made me smile and laugh out loud... 

Well, then; Hurray for sheep in the night, Border Collies doing their job and men in old wellies and raincoats, whistling in order to micro-control their animals and having a grand time doing it -
      It's all something, which is not very productive for the health of the dolphins or the war in Darfur... But who cares, we can't be dead serious all the time and fuck the recession just for a couple of minutes and let's make a bow for life and lets applaud; dogs and sheep running on the green slopes of hope........

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