September 15, 2008

Saturday Night Live - Tina Fey as Sara Palin

After Palin did a very good job on her first ABC interview; 
Assuring us all, that she is just a normal, Soccer Mum; not having
a clue to the Bush Doctrine and all things foreign.
And thus hooking all the housewife swingvotes, who're just looking for someone safe 
and recognizable, I.e. ; One of their own!
Saturday Night Live offered a killer impersonation by Tina Fey, 
right down to her mannerisms.
Sit back and enjoy!

September 14, 2008

The one that got away ;

My brand new Macbook Pro went and threw it's paws in the air... So I had to take the annoying thing back to it's makers.... 
 Now I'm without a 'puter and I feel abandoned!
 I've borrowed a kind neighbours spare Mac. Yep.. this kind man has a spare! Clever!

I was updating on my friends whereabouts on the slowly, dying phenomenon of Facebook and to my amazement, I see that David Foster Wallace, critically acclaimed author of "Infinite Jest" has hanged himself, last friday!
This intelligent and multitalented man will be missed... 

 Here's a link to an interview with D.F. Wallace about the article (which later became a book) he wrote on assignment for "Rolling Stone" about the  of  John McCain's 2000 campaign... Or this interview with my favorite dog in the world; Gromit..  (D. F's namesake; Wallace didn't show up on this occasion!)

I have had his book sitting on my well fed bookshelves for months. But the sheer volume and non too inspiring cover has kept me going around it, just until last night, where I finally took it down and to bed... It hooked me right from the start... And this evening I read about his early demise.....

It all makes me wonder of the painful coincidences of the lives we choose to live or not..

September 5, 2008

Super- Duper - (I do Wonder) - Woman...


                         - And she is probably every Rednecks wet dream come true!

September 1, 2008

You gotta have faith.....

Remember the movie " The accidental tourist"? ( The book was by Anne Tyler, the novel became a finalist for the Pulitzer prize.) The movie had William Hurt starring as a wary travel writer, who never left his very best chair. His logo was indeed a red  winged-armchair.... 

Well, I always found the idea of visiting faraway places with the safety and comforts of your own home, quite charming... And the movie was alright too!   


While I was in Asia, I often heard about a phenomenon called; Couch Surfing...!
It's all about meeting people, while either abroad or staying at home; You can host someone, offering your couch as a soft place to fall or if you're not interested in such a cosy set up, you can have a meeting somewhere less intimate.

 You can show a foreigner your favorite spots or even better; show someone the secret ones in your city... Actually you can do whatever you wanna do... But meeting people is the main ingredient in that cocktail... 

It's all about profiles and you can always limit your interactions if you don't want to commit..! 

I'm having a total stranger staying for two nights and then a wandering Brit staying for the week-end... I've read other peoples comments about their company, read their profiles, seen the pictures and found that; I'm only running the risk of having a good time.
 So these next few days; I'll let a globetrotter spin a yearn or two, while in the comfort zone of my own home. I'll be an accidental tourist- 
And right here on my couch, I'll go see other voices, other rooms...

How good can it get?