April 29, 2009

Convoy through Egypt into Gaza....

Shame, shame shame on men without humanity!

We watch in horror as the Egyptian Govt. unload the clothes, blankets, food, tents, toys, shoes, and anything else they deem not being "medical aid". How they could deny this aid to their neighbours left homeless after the recent war is truly mind boggling. And the people of Gaza continue to suffer through yet another crime done against them.........!

April 26, 2009

You can't please them all - But why not try anyway?

Some people say I'm much too serious, some say I simply haven't got a clue -

As to honor all of my critics in one magnificent go - (Or so I would like to see it, when on my own in the dark); I'll post a post on Scottish bike-riding of which I'm totally ignorant, but it sure looks like fun!  - This artistry is accompanied by the music of  American "Band of Horses"  of whom I know very little - Have their two albums; 'Cease to begin' (2007) and 'Time to begin' (2006) but besides this,  I know nothing and don't pretend to...... 

And while I lick my vanity's broken line of thought, I'm inviting  you to enjoy a quiet and amazing moment (But probably non significant, seen in a larger global - history context) of Danny MacAskill's brilliant "Parkour "done on a bike and some nice music from Seattle, Washington.....

Inspired. Danny MacAskill from dave on Vimeo.

April 23, 2009

Invisible children....

Search and Rescue from Invisible Children Europe on Vimeo.

I'll let this stand on it's own - No comment is needed!

April 21, 2009

Julie London ; Black Coffee

Not much is left us, in terms of stimulants - Seems like we all have been forced to join one big world united AA/NA/SA/ - 

and all the other A's in the alphabet!

So let's have one of the few legal mood altering "drugs" left; Music! 

And the seduction of a, dare I say it?; Smokey voice and a sexed up arrangement ;


April 20, 2009

The Bitter Swat Valley soup ........

All this gettin' up and leaving "the Conference against Racism" looks a bit adolescent and Drama queenish to me. Let it be said, I'm no fan of Pres. Ahmadinejad and his regime!!! But saying that "Zionism is racist" is not that far off, from the truth. Yes, wherever we like or not; Living in Israel is living with Apartheid.... I don't understand all the fuss and I start to suspect that Ahmadinejads speech is not the reason, there must be something else - we don't hear about - What do Europe benefit from boycotting this conference? Wouldn't it have been more constructive to stay and make a well augmented defence instead? Doesn't it just show, that we're acting up like spoiled brats, spreading "Our" Democracy and Freedom of Speech by the way of the gun, but when it comes down to actually having to imply it in our own actions, we stomp off and slam the door, when people say things we don't like to hear? That's not the way, I'd  democratise the unruly nations of the world who, let's face it, does need a lesson or two, on how to implement basic human-rights to their peoples.

What I find much more, but much more scary is the Taleban powers slowly rising in Pakistan! Cause this mean more power to the Dark Side, it means a return to most primitive level of human existence, and it probably means yet another war and Pakistan is not some picturesque & backwards country, still living in the middle-ages, yet! They have a fully grown military force and when/if ? the US and her allies invades , it will not be just a picnic in the hills!

 Introducing Sharia as a way of life will be crippling to the Pakistani society. This harsh degrading view on humans and the treatment of women is beyond belief, recently a 17 year old girl was publicly flogged for going outside her house, without (family-)male companion. If this spreads through out the rest of the country, and what's there to stop it, then the region will have a whole new perspective of an explosive neighbourhood to display - with our troops sandwiched in between...

I find it worrisome, that we don't hear more of these troubling news - because this is something to fear, ladies and gentlemen.  And they'll not contain themselves to stay put, at their own neck of the woods - and yes, they'll have the means and know-how to make international terror raids much more often and much closer to "home" than Al Qaeda has now ...  The arrogance/ignorance of the Western world will quickly come to a screeching halt, when  operations like 9/11 in NYC, Madrid and London will become everyday horrors... I'm not trying to instill fear and make a panic run for the exit, but this is serious - I think.    
      In Afghanistan, Pres. Karzaii is inching closer to the same destructive forces, by presenting partial Sharia laws - again sacrificing women and children; sending the Afghan society back into the shadows. And in Iran we have Ahmadinejad and his priests shouting out the glory of Sharia laws, while they hang their children.... (Before we get too smug, a Rabbi says; Israel should do the same with the Arab kids
        I still have the images of the great Buddhas in Bamian, being blown up as the image of how primitive Mankind can be, when they succumb to fanaticism and the primal fear of not being able to control the tomorrow nor the free thinking mind of their fellow Man - 
                      Is this what, we want
 American, British, Danish boys and girls to fight and die for?

No blowing up mountains nor slamming of doors will ever solve a damn thing - Thought we'd know that by now. And if we don't learn how to do it differently sometime soonish, we're going to perish as the people, who didn't know how to go forward only crawl backwards, 
back into that primordial soup we came from....

April 19, 2009

Time kills the days....

Today is Sunday, It's a sunny Sunday, but winters cold air is still lingering on... I have done nothing today, but trying to recuperate from this week of work,  just like last Sunday and the one before that and.... etc etc...

I've read some pages in a enjoyable book; Salman Rushdie's "The Enchantress of Florence" I'm no fan of Rushdie, but these are like fairytales and they're what I need, in abundance, in my life these days.....

 This is a Sunday of no consequence and therefore I give you Anouar Brahem - yet again - His music is ideal for killing time and letting days slip away; unseen and unheard....... Never to be spoken of again.. 

Dream away.......

April 16, 2009

Tragically Hip & Cool - April edit.

In all this gloom and darkness, spring came around, surprisingly!
 And just because we're all broke, well, that doesn't mean we can't give ourselves a little present now and then; Flowers picked on a meadow while out for walk - one contemplates really well, while walking and a good trot is ideal for a delightful conversation with a friend! A rereading of our favorite book or the making of a really good cup of coffee/tea, which you actually take the time to thoroughly enjoy!  Or...
               -  I bet you can find some more "free" things, that'll make you enjoy yourself or "it", 
 if you let it.... And thus making you forget all the hard stuff - maybe just for a moment?

Oh, but then again, my shopping gene has laid dormant for waaaaay tooo long. 
And I "need" to spend just the smallest amount of money on something, which only have the purpose of brighten up my day while I prepare my porridge, pasta, casserole or other "cheap but filling" dish. 

I've been looking for a nice little milk jug (It's not for a tea party, not in Boston nor anywhere else - And when I drink tea, I use real tea leaves not bags!! Haw haw...) But could only find some really boring ones, not that pretty and all too expensive! But then I came across this small piece of art;


 - And I fell in love right away, but then again I'm a sucker for all things phony, in the good sense! Just like the porcelain cups made like the white plastic ones, you know? Or like this wallet that looks like an airmail letter, which in itself is a bit anachronistic anyways - oh, how I love to receive/send them! But they're too rare and too seldom these days - so now here's a dummie, that you can pull out for "reading" again and again!


Link to this fabulous site for independent Art & Design; Elsewares - They definitely  have things, you won't see anywhere else... And almost everything is in my price range, which is like saying = Totally affordable!

April 12, 2009

Innercity Stillness Blues......

Dr. louises bro, originally uploaded by gabsyella.

Easter Sunday 

always kinda


my innercity-stillness


[Make me wanna holler....]


April 11, 2009

Hemp for Victory - Revisited

This is "Hemp for victory",  an American 13 minute film, showing American farmers how to grow Hemp.... And then read this link how two Rep. Congressmen will introduce a bill on legalizing Hemp growing... Don't know the real figures, but I'm certain that all that money made on weed + all that money saved on law enforcement, court cases and incarcerations will come in handy in these financial hard times.... 

It makes sense to me, but then again I'm a "Socialist" Dane......

In California, USA - they have nearly legalized pot - the very same state which have banned same sex marriage - think about that one!

April 10, 2009

A Post scriptum to the widespread Baracknophobia....

A PS to my post earlier on ID;  + I found this "Daily show" clip on The Huffington Post
that I wanted you to see;

I find it ludicrous and incredible that grown-up people, who say they live in the most powerful nation on the globe, will actually believe all this anti Obama and basically just fear creating crap! 
This is what  these statements are showing/telling the rest of the world; That all right wingers in the US (incl Fox news) are shortsighted, ignorant, uneducated airheads! Can't they hear themselves? "Tyranny in the US" ?? And this because the majority of the "proud" nation voted for a Dem President? Is this, the kind of Democracy and intellectual supremacy, they are so eager to export to other countries ?

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Who's afraid of ..... a small, sweet lady?

Sign the petition to free all political prisoners in Burma - If you  live in the UK- Get free campaign material.... 
Link to Burma. org

The signs of the times...

It's been a while and since then, our PM has resigned and left us to our own devices, or rather to his substitute, who's not any better, in fact; I think we're in for a crude awakening in terms of harsh governmental treatment of the less fortunate in this rich society... 

The other day I saw a documentary about "Intelligent design" i.e. Creationism Vs Darwin 
-The film being about the court case in  Dover, Kansas, where parents brought their school board on trial, for attempting to introduce ID to 9.grade students. - The film made quite an impact on me - especially the comments/ statements from the Creationists made me wonder about which century we're living in...

Later I was reading all these, for me, weird discussions wherever Obama dipped, bowed or stooped to the Saudi king , and the hateful remarks and comments this incident has sparked, which to a foreigner is very baffling - then it suddenly hit me that;
 The US, which for the last 100 years or so, has been considered not only the leader of the free world, but also the forerunner in all things medical, scientific, literature etc.  is filling the very same role the Arabic speaking world enjoyed in earlier times, and this for nearly 400 years...!

Now, there's many theories as to the hows and whys, this leadership ended, but one of the main reasons is considered to be, that religion and the way people interpreted this religion [in this case Islam] is one of the main factors for the regression of the magnificent and widespread intellectual supremacy possessed by the Arabic speaking nations -  (This in the end, led to a loss of force and power, which in turn made it "easy" for Western empires to overrun and colonise the Arabic speaking countries and the ensuing oppression of the "natives" did not help matters any!)

Well, to get back to the US... Religious right wing forces in the States are quietly gathering momentum and with the meddling into, not only science, but all important aspects of the thinking mind = Everything worth giving a hoot about and exactly what distinguish us from  animals, then I see a parallel to the loss of the Arabic dominion, and for the very same reasons!
All this (if I'm right...) might come as a chock to all "Christian  soldiers" and other wingnuts fighting against not international terrorism but  "The evil of Islam", who sees Obama as the Antichrist, who predicts the invasion of the "red threat" & other outlandish fearmongering theories...

And maybe; What is deduced as a "Clash of civilizations" is really just history repeating....

April 4, 2009

While we wait for The Danish PM to resign; A post on Happiness!

The Danish Prime Minister has negated for years that he was seeking the job as General Secretary of NATO - that is; until yesterday! But the Turks are now milking the situation to the utmost and they are questioning our PMs veneration for Muslim countries and the arrogant way he didn't handle the so called "Mohamed caricature crisis" -  (Link in danish)
      Oh, I bet that our PM now wishes, he'd distanced himself a lot more from the xenophobic party of Dansk Folkeparti now!!- But the fact is; He couldn't have ruled for 7 long years without them -
 And thus slowly and with the smallest step by step, have created a Denmark; Where there's now a very visible line between "Us" and "Them", where fear/hate of everything foreign is the order of the day, where endless discussions about headscarves in public space are selling newspapers, votes and taking away our focus of the real issue; Of how this land has been run into the ground; culturally, intellectually, scientifically and otherwise. As in; closing museums, Botanical gardens, libraries, research labs, theaters etc etc.... Contriving in making our nation one of the "poorest" country in Europe while we are at our all time richest! So yes, NATO can have him, fair and square......

Today I'll do something, I haven't done before; I'll post another Bloggers post on my Blog instead of just linking to it... But I found her short post, good and poignant enough to "publish" on my Blog (As if there were any especially high standards or criteria at "The Emperors" - Ha!) Well; this is Written by Lisa Williams and I found her via Néné in England - Lisa is American and here she is, published on a Blog in Denmark:
Happy Globalization!

"Happiness is the only consensual emotion; we can make others feel unhappy or angry without their consent, but we can never make them happy without their cooperation.

Making people I care about happy is deeply important to me, and even in my work, my main aim is not to inform or to provide or to serve but to delight. My only real unhappiness is when I fail, or when someone refuses to take delivery of joy, which happens more than you’d expect.

Having the delight of others as a primary goal turns out to be more subversive than it might seem. We live in a society in which we are often told that the soul of courage is synonymous with not giving a shit what anyone else thinks; we are all to be rebels, iconoclasts…yet in a way that has us all buying the same jeans and driving the same cars.

But delighting others has its own risks; one, you must get to know the minds of others, and if you know your own mind, you can be sure that theirs is just as bad a neighborhood as your own. But you must go further than knowing what others truly want; you must care about what they want, and once you care, you risk — you risk their rejection, you risk taking on their pain as your own.

Not caring has its own courage; so does caring."