April 16, 2009

Tragically Hip & Cool - April edit.

In all this gloom and darkness, spring came around, surprisingly!
 And just because we're all broke, well, that doesn't mean we can't give ourselves a little present now and then; Flowers picked on a meadow while out for walk - one contemplates really well, while walking and a good trot is ideal for a delightful conversation with a friend! A rereading of our favorite book or the making of a really good cup of coffee/tea, which you actually take the time to thoroughly enjoy!  Or...
               -  I bet you can find some more "free" things, that'll make you enjoy yourself or "it", 
 if you let it.... And thus making you forget all the hard stuff - maybe just for a moment?

Oh, but then again, my shopping gene has laid dormant for waaaaay tooo long. 
And I "need" to spend just the smallest amount of money on something, which only have the purpose of brighten up my day while I prepare my porridge, pasta, casserole or other "cheap but filling" dish. 

I've been looking for a nice little milk jug (It's not for a tea party, not in Boston nor anywhere else - And when I drink tea, I use real tea leaves not bags!! Haw haw...) But could only find some really boring ones, not that pretty and all too expensive! But then I came across this small piece of art;


 - And I fell in love right away, but then again I'm a sucker for all things phony, in the good sense! Just like the porcelain cups made like the white plastic ones, you know? Or like this wallet that looks like an airmail letter, which in itself is a bit anachronistic anyways - oh, how I love to receive/send them! But they're too rare and too seldom these days - so now here's a dummie, that you can pull out for "reading" again and again!


Link to this fabulous site for independent Art & Design; Elsewares - They definitely  have things, you won't see anywhere else... And almost everything is in my price range, which is like saying = Totally affordable!


ZuDfunck said...

I take great comfort in your presence and wisdom. May you have a wonderful Spring!

Gabs said...

ZudfunckyBuddy, my Man!
Thank you for these kind words, they brightened up my evening in such a way, that I now gotta wear shades.... (",)