April 10, 2009

A Post scriptum to the widespread Baracknophobia....

A PS to my post earlier on ID;  + I found this "Daily show" clip on The Huffington Post
that I wanted you to see;

I find it ludicrous and incredible that grown-up people, who say they live in the most powerful nation on the globe, will actually believe all this anti Obama and basically just fear creating crap! 
This is what  these statements are showing/telling the rest of the world; That all right wingers in the US (incl Fox news) are shortsighted, ignorant, uneducated airheads! Can't they hear themselves? "Tyranny in the US" ?? And this because the majority of the "proud" nation voted for a Dem President? Is this, the kind of Democracy and intellectual supremacy, they are so eager to export to other countries ?

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Skycladlilith SaintMartha said...

As someone who has only recently come out of hiding as an American citizen, I beg you (and everyone else on the planet) to judge us by people such as Jon Stewart, Ralph Nader, Leonard Peltier, Bruce Springsteen, Angelina Jolie, Michael Moore, Alice Walker, and the late great activists Abbie Hoffman and Martin Luther King, Jr.

I understand from whence your attitude comes, though, as I myself was forced into hiding as an American while that jerk who pretended to be our lawfully elected president from 2000 to 2008 was still making a joke of us all and punishing the entire world for not obeying his every hateful whim.

I hated the fact that most people simply couldn't stop themselves from thinking that fool was actually "A True American" and, thus, judging the rest of us who live here by his stupidity, cruelty, human rights abuses, ecoterrorism, etc.

While that pig was pretending to be president of the USA, I would admit ONLY to being an Earthling. I was far too ashamed, outraged, depressed, etc. to admit Even To Myself that I was residing in the USA.

It is my sincere hope that Barack Obama, our newly and Legally Elected president, will be able to change world opinion about Americans through his thoughtful intelligence, dedication to justice and human rights, commitment to hard work and accountability, stances on global warming and the importance of celebrating our differences rather than allowing them to divide us, and much more.

Sorry to rant and rave here but I just HAD to get that off my chest ;-)