April 4, 2009

While we wait for The Danish PM to resign; A post on Happiness!

The Danish Prime Minister has negated for years that he was seeking the job as General Secretary of NATO - that is; until yesterday! But the Turks are now milking the situation to the utmost and they are questioning our PMs veneration for Muslim countries and the arrogant way he didn't handle the so called "Mohamed caricature crisis" -  (Link in danish)
      Oh, I bet that our PM now wishes, he'd distanced himself a lot more from the xenophobic party of Dansk Folkeparti now!!- But the fact is; He couldn't have ruled for 7 long years without them -
 And thus slowly and with the smallest step by step, have created a Denmark; Where there's now a very visible line between "Us" and "Them", where fear/hate of everything foreign is the order of the day, where endless discussions about headscarves in public space are selling newspapers, votes and taking away our focus of the real issue; Of how this land has been run into the ground; culturally, intellectually, scientifically and otherwise. As in; closing museums, Botanical gardens, libraries, research labs, theaters etc etc.... Contriving in making our nation one of the "poorest" country in Europe while we are at our all time richest! So yes, NATO can have him, fair and square......

Today I'll do something, I haven't done before; I'll post another Bloggers post on my Blog instead of just linking to it... But I found her short post, good and poignant enough to "publish" on my Blog (As if there were any especially high standards or criteria at "The Emperors" - Ha!) Well; this is Written by Lisa Williams and I found her via Néné in England - Lisa is American and here she is, published on a Blog in Denmark:
Happy Globalization!

"Happiness is the only consensual emotion; we can make others feel unhappy or angry without their consent, but we can never make them happy without their cooperation.

Making people I care about happy is deeply important to me, and even in my work, my main aim is not to inform or to provide or to serve but to delight. My only real unhappiness is when I fail, or when someone refuses to take delivery of joy, which happens more than you’d expect.

Having the delight of others as a primary goal turns out to be more subversive than it might seem. We live in a society in which we are often told that the soul of courage is synonymous with not giving a shit what anyone else thinks; we are all to be rebels, iconoclasts…yet in a way that has us all buying the same jeans and driving the same cars.

But delighting others has its own risks; one, you must get to know the minds of others, and if you know your own mind, you can be sure that theirs is just as bad a neighborhood as your own. But you must go further than knowing what others truly want; you must care about what they want, and once you care, you risk — you risk their rejection, you risk taking on their pain as your own.

Not caring has its own courage; so does caring."

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Ninon said...

Well said!!!

wow... nogen gange gad jeg godt at jeg ku skrive den slags, det er velskrevet og det gir en stof til eftertanke... I like!!