September 7, 2009

Small bright diamonds on a monday

I know it's been forever and a day, since my last confession..... But work has been tremendous, life has been biting me in my sleep and my woes has no end..... (",)
- Being a crybaby is nothing new and this morning I really felt I should share something with all of my 4-5 faithfuls out there! -

But it is Monday morning in this country, which is getting widely infamous for our inhumanity to foreigners and our unwillingness to share our riches with anyone! We are also getting some attention for the narrowness of our lack of outlook and our staunch denial of us being part of anything remotely global....
Everyday we're all bombarded with xenophobic propaganda of all sorts and I wonder what that does to a soul, to be vilified on a daily basis? Even though; you're just taking care of your family, paying your taxes (48% !!!!!!) and generally minding your own business.
But you're still being constantly boxed in with the very small percentage that don't....

On my Facebook profile, I freely share a lot of links and views on this sorry state of affairs.... Then I started to get some slack, for not being "Grateful" enough for living in this rich haven and all the gifts I was entitled to, just by living here.
Tried to argue, that just because my own little life, was okay, that doesn't mean that I should forget everyone else out there..... But still........

Anyways.... I can't invite them all to the white house or my house for a Ramadan dinner but I can do something within my means;
I have now decided that this week is gonna be my "I' so grateful - week"
I''ll show my gratefulness in my status, every day, by saying thank you to the "foreigners" who lives in this country and who contribute to the "greatness" of Denmark in their own unique ways, because without them, life here would be so dull, undifferentiated & indistinguishable....

I would like to share this little band with you;
Just to brighten up your Monday!

My Brightest Diamond - Inside a Boy from My Brightest Diamond on Vimeo.

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