July 6, 2009

5th July 09 : Free Gaza; "Prisoners"

This is a 5 min video; which explains how Israel keeps thousands in jail, either the "real prison" or by just having to live in Gaza - People have been incarcerated for years without fair trials

- Take 5 min off your busy day and watch this Free Gaza org. video and then act, do something! Just in any way that you know how! You can start by forwarding this post to your friends, - We can no longer proclaim innocence and "no knowledge" of these crimes committed against humanity and use this as an excuse for keeping our hands folded and doing nothing.....

Free Gaza.org


And I want to give you another link to a fantastic video made and posted on FB by Sameh Brill; Caution, the video contains graphic images! - Here's the 3 major points Brill touches in this excellently edited video;

1- Amnesty International official report on Gaza, (released July 2009) regarding the 22-day Israeli assault reveals that Israel committed war crimes and carried out reckless attacks and acts of wanton destruction in its Gaza offensive. Hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed using high-precision weapons, while others were shot at close range, the report concluded that Israel committed frank war crimes in Gaza.

2-Biased Corporate Media in America, and how media in the united states are neither objective nor completely honest in their portrayal of important issues, as they convey the news with lack of neutrality.

3-On Tuesday June 30 afternoon Israeli Naval Forces attacked and boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat, the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY, 23 miles off the coast of Gaza, abducting 21 human rights workers from 11 countries. Which is an outrageous violation of
international law, The Boat held humanitarian andReconstruction supplies to be given to the people of Gaza whom 80% of Gazans depends on UN aid since the Israeli blockade on the Gaza strip which is currently still on. This incidence was not the first, months earlier IDF navy boats rammed DIGNITY boat which on a humanitarian mission to Gaza.........

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