July 29, 2009

Shout it from the mountains;

Just real quick; Found this on Boing Boing
I have to go to bed, as I'm getting up early in the morning, but I find this news way too important to lay as dormant as I'm hopefully gonna be in a moment;

The filmmaker; Dhondup Wangchen is being charged by the Chinese gov for "Inciting separatism" and his lawyers barred from representing him in court!

Oh, China you've still have a looooong way ! "Democracy" is still just a word in the dictionary as a explanation for Western fancies !
This is what China is showing her dependent fans on how to treat opponents (real as well as imagined); Just take a look at Burma or Sudan/Darfur !

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capac said...

And the media has got the flu, swineflu...
What a pitiful World, we live in... Sleep well. :(