March 16, 2009

Denmark's strict immigration regulations

Yeeesss! We made it to Al Jazeera! And this with our absolutely inhumane treatment of refugees. 
The Danish government will be happy and say;"This is exactly what we hoped for; that word would get around, internationally and make refugees do a detour when reaching the Danish borders!"

 The rest of us, who didn't vote for the ruling party or their allies, has to hide our face (and  our nationality) in shame and hope & fight for a change soon will come! 

By the way; Our immigration laws have been ruled unlawful in EU and being against UN's Human Rights charter  - Not that will change anything - I'm reminding you, this is the land of Milk and Butter; Denmark - and not some unruly banana republic in a remote jungle!

Reprehensible, really! For a so called Christian, Scandinavian country in this year of our lord 2009!

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