March 21, 2009

Letters from Gaza - Now collected -

Dear Brothers and Sisters; 

Our Diary "Remaining Human" - now becomes a book! 

And within the book; the story of three weeks of bloodshed, 

written to the best of my ability, in situations of extreme insecurity. Often transcribing, in the midst of the surrounding inferno, on a crumpled notebook, bent over, in an ambulance with the siren racing.... 

Frenetically tapping the keys on a computer of luck

within buildings shaking as crazy pendulums by the explosions all around. 

Be advised that only leafing through this book could be dangerous, 

pages are harmful, soiled with blood,impregnated with white phosphorus and sharp splinters of explosive. 

If read in the quiet of your bedroom, walls will echo of 

our screams of terror, 

and I worry for the walls of your hearts

I know not yet how to soundproof them from pain. 

Set the volume right, just to be sure - Near the children; This to enable them; To know right now about a world, which are not far away, where indifference and racism are intact, and where children treat their peers, as were they rag dolls. 

In such a way; Maybe a vaccination at an early age, will help 

against this epidemic of violence and lead towards the other face of injustice and sloth. 

For one day being able to Remain Human. 

The proceeds of the book by the author; IE Vittorio Arrigoni, myself! 

Will go ENTIRELY to the children of Gaza! All of them surviving victims of this horrendous massacre-

To ensure that their wounds can heal quickly....

(And give back my part and help those of Il Manifesto at the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, website:, to fund a series of games and social assistance aimed at children, who were severely injured or traumatized). 

Despite attractive offers; Like a tour around Italy with Noam Chomsky, I've decided to stay in hell, here in Gaza.

Not only because I am very difficult to evacuate from this open-air prison (An Israeli government spokesman said: "He arrived by sea, he'll have to leave the Strip by sea"), but above all; Because there is yet much to be done and most violated human rights on these moors, are often missed by the outside world. 

Promoting my book from here, with the support of all those who have demonstrated friendship, brotherhood, closeness, empathy. 

I ask you to buy some books and try to sell them if not almost door to door, to friends and acquaintances, work colleagues, fellow university fellows 

volunteers, of life. 

And further still, to propose it to a library -aggressive libraries interested in a project of truth and solidarity.

Go to the centers for social and cultural associations close to where you are. 

We could organize readings in various cities, (I could speak by phone, the events would be advertised on The Manifesto, on our blogs and Internet sites) 

and this could also be an interesting opportunity to count, to know, 

and to bound. 

We are not few, are many,and we can really count - believe me!

The book can be found right now at newsstands with Il Manifesto. And soon in bookstores. (Only in Italian as of yet!

I trust in you, 
that trust in me, 
not for the dead 
but for the deathly wounded of this horrible massacre.

A hug as big as the Mediterranean that separates - unites us!

We are humans. 

Yours, but never tamed;


(This is a translation partly by Google translation tool [it shows here and there] and partly by me; your humble Blogger [which also shows everywhere (",)]

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