November 17, 2008

"A hope beyond the shadow of a dream" - J. Keats

Found this on my friend's great "Wordpress" page.... And she really says it so well, that I have little to add. But she harbours hope for fate of the peoples of Palestine will change with the 44.Th President of America.... I must say, I'm a bit rattled with the announcement of Chief of Staff in the WH...

 So regarding Obama's relationship to Israel and her unjust treatment of Gaza and the Palestinian situation:
If the announcement of  Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff is any indication of things to come, then consider this; Rahm Emanuel is pro-Israel, very much so! Son of a prominent Zionist Benjamin M. Emanuel, former member of Irgun; Terrorists or freedom fighters - depends from which side you see their militant actions. Or just read Seniors reaction to his son's appointment. 

And for the latest sad development on the ongoing saga of the Palestinian plight:
 UN has these past days called out for help, because of the fast dwindling supply of food, medicine, fuel or other daily necessities. 
Just to harvest their olives and their lands pose a formidable problem... This is no way to treat a whole nation....And I've a hard time, trying to understand, how this can continue day after day against the old, the young and the innocent people of Palestine.

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