August 10, 2008

"Puppet on a string"

Was that strong symbolism ? - The image of a fleeing (?), running Chinese puppet on a string, lightning the Olympic flame, in front of 40 billion viewers Worldwide..........?!!!!

The first "On Camp" calamity has already descended on the "Games" 
( Can we still call this very serious politically defined, big bucks merry-go-round   for "games" ? And do so in earnest?)

 Still makes me wonder about the reasons; apart from the obvious, ($ & politics) which persuaded the band of old men in suits aka; The Olympic Committee, 
in giving these "games" to a regime of self professed enemies of basic human rights.
  Ruled openly AND secretly with a massive oppressive law and military enforcement
 in the first place??? 

How about OL - Rangoon, Myanmar in 2016 and OL- Darfur, Sudan in 2020....??!!


PS; This was just a very pressing "aside"  - The end of my SE Asia road trip soon to appear.. And then comes the 8 day  Clipper cruise and finally I'm up to date.... Phew!

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