November 8, 2008

The first amendment (Freedom of Religion, Press and Expression) in all its glory!

Being a Dane, it's a
bit difficult for me to understand the burning passions of partisanship in America. I read a short Blog Post on Politico written by Ben Smith, I might showcase my ignorance, by stating that I don't really know, who he is. But his post about Obama's alleged phone call to Nancy Reagan, to apologize for a offhand remark, at his first Press conference as Pres. elect, has generated more than 3.000 (!!!!) comments and some of them are so vile, mean and ignorant, that I'm very surprised, that they haven't been deleted by the editors on the Politico site. The commentators are calling Obama everything from plain stupid to a Marxist (?)
- Maybe it's the two party system in the US, that creates these feelings of "Us and them", I don't know... But the ferociousness, some of the comments are displaying and their hateful nature is truly scaring, as the mounting assassination paranoia is spreading like wildfire. The amount of Die hard Republicans who're already campaigning for an impeachment of Barack Obama is staggering.... And he's not even President yet, but still in the "Lame Duck" period - This is gonna get ugly!

Here's the press conference - Just in case... Incl where Obama calls himself a "Mutt" - Seems like the new president is rather loose about the issues of race...! Which earns points from someone like me... Being kinda a mutt myself!

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