November 6, 2008

Heard it through the grapevine;

If you think that by electing Obama, America is now in its "a post- racial society" beginnings; Do not be fooled ! This is what I found on the forums of; "Barack Obama is the secret son of Malcom X " !!!???
Even now, after they lost the elections, they are still spreading lies, smears and untruths..

Last night, while waiting for the result. A CNN reporter asked a little old lady, waiting in line to vote, why she'd vote for McCain and this is what she said not being able to call Obama by name; " That man is bad, he's been planted here, as to destroy us all. And he's a muslim too"
Clearly the McCain robo-calls and the smear campaigns has worked!

All the dirty stuff is masterminded by a former Karl Rove pupil, the very same, who smeared John McCain himself in 2000, by spreading the rumors about his adopted black daughter being, infact his own. That McCain actually hired the same guy, who he'd wanted to send of to hell 8 years ago... still amazes me.

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