February 1, 2009

Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical.

There's many ways to inflict suffering and harassment... The past months war; "The Full On" version, did a whole lot of damage and continues to do so!
But there's also the 'smaller invisible' ones; The everyday harassment at the border to Israel, waiting for hours in the sun; your fate at the whim of a pimpled youth who hates and fears you. The continued annexation of land, housing the never ending influx of settlers, who find it justified to let the government steal some land and by force ouster the rightful owners. There's the ever expanding illegal "safety zone" leaving people homeless-  Giving them a day, sometimes only a few hours notice, before the bulldozers come and levels, what has been their farms/houses for several generations! - How can Israel keep on  justifying this?

Israel has during this last invasion, destroyed acres and acres of fertile farmland, to such a degree, that Gaza now is facing a severe food crisis.... This destruction cannot be justified as 'targeting Hamas rocket sites', no chicken, cow or olive orchard has yet fired a single shot against anyone in history! Taking away the means of feeding the population is bordering the Ethnic Cleansing, which has been some have been whispering about for some time....!

 This cynical treatment of the Palestinian peoples can only be explained as; The Israeli simply doesn't see the Arabs as fellow human beings, this view has been indoctrinated to all Israeli during school and the compulsory military service! After having treated Palestinians like 2.class citizens during their service, how will they change their mind later in life?
    -When I hear "normal and average" Israelis talk about their neighbours, it's so clouded with prejudice and racism - and the tales of child eating two headed dragons inside of every Palestinian, is hard to listen to! 

It simply do not make sense to me like; Why the Israeli sets up a brand new and shiny medical emergency clinic, outfitted with doctors, nurses, medicine etc - treats 5 (!) persons - this at a time, where the Gaza hospitals are literally wading in amputees, blood and the dying - and the closes the whole damn thing...???? What was the purpose of this exercise? 

The politics of Hamas has not helped their people much, but I get it - When the desperate have nothing to lose....!! - And when you see your sick Grandmother/child whoever, being treated like underlings by boy soldiers, begging for the right to go to hospital, not once in a while, but every single time! 

When you're constantly being robbed of a future; No jobs, no education, no homes, no food, no water, not even the right to harvest your own land! - Well, then you take desperate measures... 

And this desperation is what is (maybe) so hard for us to understand, sitting here with our bellies full and all comfy like in our "Lazeeboy" zapping the channels for something to entertain us! 

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