February 17, 2009

Out of loop, lately!

Hey everyone..
Been out of the loop, lately - I've been a victim of Pomp & Circumstance - A well meaning neighbour has cut me off;  from the world, basically...or at least from www. - More or less the very same thing...

But now I'm back and I can say to all of my 3-10 readers or so; "Don't despair! I'm back on track!"
 Just have to read up upon a few days worth of news, feeds and what have you - Block out interfering reality and I'll be right there with y'all!
Must admit, that my withdrawal symptoms has been severe, and it'll take a least a moment or two to get my bearings.


Anonymous said...

Good news.

Blessings on thee

BABS said...

I am sure you have many more readers than ten!

Glad you are back, I had a feeling you were elsewhere.