February 22, 2009

Prelude to the Oscars - Alan Keyes tries again!

While we wait for the Oscars; Here's Alan Keyes from the far, far right calling Obama a "radical communist" and airing his fears of America ceasing to exist - But that's just small stuff compared to the allegations of Obama not being a US citizen and voila; Therefore not President of the country!
Mr Keyes obviously is opting for a non supportive award! This is after, he lost to the main character in 2004 -(In the US senate race)

The supreme court turned down a law suit without comment , when the suit tried to bar the inauguration of Obama... 

This "controversy" and all the allegations that comes along with it, is living a life on its own out there in cyberspace; On the net and in emails - Waaaay out there, where no critique of source is necessary, nor serious research is needed to become a truth....  - But here's, what I don't get is, there's actually someone who believes in this circus!

Link to LA Times

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