February 23, 2009

Love hurts in oh so many ways;

My dearest friend Néné led me to the discovery of a classy video featuring my old hero Elvis Costello and Emmylou Harris (She just keeps on getting prettier, with every strand of her grey hair..) Performing  "Love Hurts" on the David Letterman show - 
The host is quite audibly moved by the sheer beauty of their performance.... and so was I ! Well, not to be let behind! And also because I only want to give my readers the very best - I wanted to embed it right here!

But, I then saw this one; "Love hurts" with my man; Keith Richards & Nora Jones - This couple may not have the exquisite elegance of the Elvis And Emmylou act, but they do have an certain allurement (at least to me) which made me stick them in - instead! 

Even if Miss Jones does seem quite awed and maybe even a bit frightened (?) by the presence of the mighty Keith..  Never mind - Enjoy! 

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