February 20, 2009

Tragically Hip & Cool - February edit.

Yes, I know, the recession has gone global! But we have to spend some dough, in order to regenerate more money, jobs & livelihoods and so on... Shopping is not something, you have to do when by your lonesome, or lie to your friends, about the amount of $ you've just spend, nor do you have to duck into alley ways, if you see someone you know, on the other side of the street... Nope, it has been elevated to heroic altitudes. Yes, while the world, as we know it, goes to hell, we'll go shopping! Do it with your head held high, while the president and all of his men will thank you!!!

If you don't know where to go with your altruistic acts of charity - Then I'll help you! 
As an example; Here's a "Bra dryer" for you, my sweet heroine! For the woman, who already has absolutely everything electrical, who doesn't gives a damn about CO2 and all that gobbledygook ! A woman who's tired of the old drier ruining her "Victoria's secrets" she's paid half a mortgage for... !Who doesn't gives a whole lot about global warming, but do care about her precious lingerie! The site won't say anything about prices and such insignificant  details... But who cares, We're saving the world, after all! Buy the darn thing and someone will give you a medal or a monument down at the mall.... one of these days!

 So go do! 
That voodoo! 
That you do!
So well!

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