February 21, 2009

What! Me worry?

In keeping with the apparent theme of this weekend - And if you're not one of them economics wizards, then maybe you've wondered, how it all got sooooo bad? I know I have.... This fantastic little piece of animation shows all the hows and whys pretty clearly!

In this country we have a first lady, who declared, that she simply can't see any Finance crisis going on - anywhere! But then again, she is a first lady and the way this country is going, her man is not gonna loose his job sometime soon - (Damage - really, for the rest of us, mere mortals!)

PS; Please, don't despair; if you've lost your job, your house and are now living in your car! I'm sure that the Bra Dryer (down below) comes with a car-lighter connection 
- Crisis? What crisis?

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