June 16, 2008

It's my party and I cry if I want to.....

Last day on the Temple run.... some 59 km out of Siam Reap! .... It was so serene and beautifull... Nature trying to take back the ruins and almost succeeding... The Buddhist pagoda delivering a nonstop soundtrack of plinkity plonk ( My feeble attempt at re interpreting Khmer music) and a deep male voice shouting some blessings or maybe telling us; "That life is only a illusion !"

A goodbye to rural Cambodia: Throngs of children going to school in their blue and whites ( Well, in some cases only sort of...!) Water buffaloes having a ball in the flooded fields, Morning (Salad and vegetables) Market at the side of the road only lit by solitary candles (in the wind of bodies and motos) sat on top of the green bundles, sunset over the foothils, boys having a morning bath in the blossoming Lotus puddles, small children still asleep at the top of the stairs to their shacks on stilts, young girls burning sugarcanes, making them ready for later clients, smoke across the road from the cooking fires, the sky turning gold and the perfume of Jasmine, Tamerind, Lime and "Sun silk Shampoo" lies heavy in the morning mist, the sound of animals; Dogs yapping , cocks crowing, geckos and cricketts and the sound of human interaction makes my morning universe complete... Thank you!

Now after another deluge, I treated my self to a aromathics body massage, a facial and a manicure... The very best yet! The long, soft, brown and strong hands makes my body seem mine again and when the same girl uses the very same beautifull hands of hers to give me the softest facial touch... Then I might concur that life is only a illusion but what an a illusion this is...!
With all this indulgence I miss out on the two 'dates' I had for this evening; A Skype call a 19:00 from Saigon and a dinner date with an Austrian girl I met yesterday... Hmmm.... That's how it is around here; I can only make one plan at a time... Two; and I'm bound to screw it up!

Going out for dinner, this last day of my Cambodian adventure... Hardly able to walk for sprained muscles ( All that Temple trekking) and with a bad case of the blues... I choose a nice looking Indian... But somehow they make my dinner go so fast, that after 20 min I'm back on the street... aptly called "Pub street" - How's that for a birthday dinner ? I'm in a bad mood already but now I'm feeling sorry for my self as well..... So I slog it down to my usual place; The shadow og Angkor Wat.... They don't have Brandy.. So it'll be a Amaretto and a coffee then.... I take the luxuxery of a TukTuk home to the hotel, where I have to clear a misunderstanding of how much to pay for my room.....They said 5$ when I came and now it's 12 $... We settle on 10$ but somehow sour the ambience... And right now I can hear them discussing the fact, that I have been up at crack of down every morning and have had to wake them up also (to open the gates) and that I initially said I would stay for 5 instead of the 4 days I actually have stayed..... And now I will not pay up.... "A, Bon contes fait de bonnes amis" (- Better sort out the finances, if you wanna have friends)

Hurray what a birthday!
But tomorrow it's onwards christian soldiers.....

I bow humbly, (if I only could) and send lot's of love to all who has send me mails and text's messages on my mobile...! I know you're all out there! Right now I'm missing everyone who's absent tonight!

Be back tomorrow from Paksé, Laos....
Love from the old gal....

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday G

now its my turn

Tony S Out in the wide world