June 17, 2008

Sunday on my mind.....on a tuesday in June!

Okay, so this is Laos ? If coming here on the plane would give you any clues... Then all three of us, only outnumbered by the crew would give it up!
I'm in Pakse, South Laos and by the looks of it it's like perpetual Sunday around here... No 'Motos', no Tuktuks, not that many people and all is very, very quiet.... After all, this 'city' has an international airport -Totally empty.. But it's there! Went to a couple of the cheaper Guesthouses, but settled on The Salachampa- being a bit more expensive... But; It's an old french villa, with wooden floors, white starched sheets, a walk in closet (filled up with ancient suitcases!) and a brand new bathroom (Which is nice, The french not known for their good plumbing) It's huge rooms with high ceilings and windows with wooden shutters.....=20 $ And it's pure luxury! The backpackers prefer Mr.Vong's place, which only costs you: 4,50$ (with a shared bathroom) But today being today... I decided to give my self the gift of old style colonial comforts...!

Tuesday the JUne 17th. has so far been okay, me being a bit on the wobbly side; It's 5 years today, that Amadeu decided to leave us for a better place... So when Mr.Nol presented me with the sweetest 'goin' away' present.. I quickly had to hide behind my fake Ray Ban Aviator shades, saving face is alfa omega in these parts..... That family being so nice to me... I could only find a tin of Danish Butter Cookies in Siam Reap's most prestigious super market to give them... It sported 'Big Ben' and the guards of Tivoli gardens on the lid... But still... It's one of the few good things of being a Dane on the road... Butter Cookies is avaible EVERYWHERE in the world!
We had some breakfast together, before leaving for the airport... Apparently leaving the world behind, and entering " the Promised land -The land of milk and honey" Where the girls are wearing the most exquisite silks for sarongs, the coffee is divine and no one bothers you... I might not come again! As people has said before me of Laos; The only bad thing about it, is that you have to leave.... at some point!

I see it this way; We all (tourists 'en masse') wants to be the first and only white person around, finding 'unspoiled havens' from our own busy world, but we all want the amenities and luxury 'add ons' of being the last..... I think, some how I've found that special place.... And this is only my very first impression... No hotels, spa's and mighty resorts... No one speaks a word of English and no one really cares.... As laid back as it gets before slipping in to a comatose state...

Tomorrow I' ll decide whether to sail downstream of The Mekong to Don Khong/ Don Det = 4 thousand Islands, with the fresh water dolphins or to take a bus to Tat Loe... A waterfall on the
Bolaven Plateau (Where the coffee grows and where some of the old Ho Chi Min trail is still visible....) Ahr... I can smell the fried plantains being about finished! ( big bananas - not sweet and only eaten cooked!)... I'm off to have some late lunch!

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