June 25, 2008

"On the road to nowhere...."

Just really quickly... If I get to upload my photo, then it's from Tad Lo Grand Central.... Where I waited for seems like the longest time... Only thing moving there was,domestic animals crossing the road, always when a truck or an ancient tractor were passing, as to keep me wide awake, for fear of any duck, goose, 3-legged dog or cow getting hurt....!
Vientiane is probably the finest capital city of any nation in the world... Well, of the many I've seen , anyway! The french influence is pronounced but so is the Asian way of living and the two compliment eachother in a rarely found harmony.... ! No tall buildings to take the view from the sky and not too much traffic to pollute the air... There was a sign on the door to this Internet shop, saying; "Flat for rent" - Oh, how I would love that! Had my breakfast with Irene, my new best friend, at "The Scandinavian Bakery" Read an old Sweedish newspaper from the the 15.th of June.... Can see that nothing musch has happend in the world...(?!) But It was a very nice "Danish" breakfast, and after a month of either fruitsalad or white rice with bananas as first meal of the day, it was a real hoot!! Oh , and we re-celebrated my birthday at "The Sticky Fingers" restaurant...last night! (Yes, I got our man; Paco a T-shirt!) That was nice! And it set past annoyances right and good again!

I'm now getting ready to take a national flight to the absolut north ;

Luang Nam Tha... And from there a bus to Muang Sing,about 10km from the Chinese border... I will stay there for some days, trek around and go to the big country market on June 28... At the Burmese border town of Xieng Kok, when all the various hill tribes from Burma, Thailand, Laos and China get together and sell their stuff; Food, silverware and other handicrafts... There'shardly any foreigners that far north.. No Internet and therefor no contact with my Blog for a week or so...

After Muang Sing, I'll take a bus back to Nong Khiaw and get a boat down to the World Heritage village of Luang Pra bang, which is also extremely touristy .... But still supposed to be very nice and from where I have to catch the slow boat up the Mekong to the Thai Border... But loads of Internet shops in Luang Pra bang.. So you'll hear from me there!

Have to be at the airport in 30 min... so I'm outta here!

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