February 23, 2009

The All Singing All Dancing Oscar Night (mare)

This was a night of; Excessive amounts of ice cream while listening to; silly acceptance speeches with all it's lost moments of really telling it how it is, nervous tears and near fainting spells from young beauties in skintight gowns, weird dress choices, the lack of serious Bling, because of the recession? The surreal experience of seeing someone I actually know (and who actually knows me) winning the award for "Best cinematography" - A well deserved Oscar for his innovative angles and great color frames in Slumdog Millionaire - The grand sweeper movie of the evening!


 It was a night of Hugh Wolf(Jack)man doing Fred Astaires "Tophat" routines with Beyonce as his chubby/bootylicious Ginger Rodgers, swirling it in a song & dance medley. This was done in a "We're keeping it low and unglamourous this year" mode - It could have been our local talent night down at the town hall...


 And who came up with the idea, of giving an Oscar posthumously? Not that the late Heath Ledger isn't phenomenal in Dark Knight - But that good? And the acceptance speech given by his entire family? Of course it left the whole theater in tears - A true "Kodak Moment" if there ever was one! - Can't shake the feeling of a very calculated moment, thought up by the academy, though!

My Best Oscar Moments ?
1; Danny Boyle doing a Tigger Too jump or two and mentioning a forgotten choreographer of the dancing number in the winning Slumdog Millionaire..
2; The two Japanese winners in different categories, who had very little English under the belt, but still managed to get their message through!
3; Sophia Loren who still oozes sex at 70!
4; Kate Winslet who made her Dad, cat whistle out loud, so she would know where her family were sitting!
5; That even a beauty like Angelina Jolie, who seemingly has it all; Fame, money and love, didn't look the least bit happy nor showed any great affection for her hubby.
6; That Sean Penn finally !!!  Finally took the opportunity of having the whole world watching and made a speech worth his while - and ours! (He remembered the Gay community and the boggled Prop 8 campaign and to welcome Mickey Rourke back to Hollywood- but forgot his wife... ahr, well he is Sean Penn after all!)

And least, but last; the idea of, making 5 former award winners, present the nominees in the "bigger" categories.. That made for some really good TV - And we needed that in this down toned version of the biggest show on earth.

PS; About the photos; I've chosen some of the worst gowns! -We're gonna see the pretty ones until it hurts in the days to come -

PPS; First 'live event' with "Twitter" running simultaneously - A very nice experience and nice chats across the ocean. 140 characters is long enough for a message, But much too short for BullShit, emoticons and such little girliegirlie stuff!
Short, sweet and to the point!

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