February 1, 2009

Make Words not War!

It's a trend all over the world; Obama's speeches, the rise in book sales, the Semantic web 2.0, etc. etc.... It really seems like; 
Words are coming back in style!

Maybe it is time to lay down our weapons ? Promise ourselves to diplomacy and talks of Hope - All change starts with an exchange of visions .... 
Okay, before I get waaaay too emotional;

Here's some web sites to help you along on your wordyway;

I've just discovered this übercool site; "Save the Words"- The idea behind it, reminds me a bit of the (British) logic of Humpty Dumpty, when discussing semantics with Alice , telling her; He pays his words very well, (once a week) and therefore words will never elude him! (I must not be paying my words, nearly enough - they are a like my patron saint, always off somewheres when I need them/him the most!)
But go see for yourself and do your bit for English, the largest language on the globe - Our vocabulary needs our help! Adopt a word today and make a pledge to use it wherever and whenever possible or impossible - don't matter - !

You can't remember the word, but you know it's in there - somewheres! Well, don't despair! Merriam Webster has made a Visual Dictionary !

Or Visual thesaurus is sooooo sweet and pretty for werdy wordpeckers like me..... Comes with think maps and poem/lyric/novel list games

If you don't spell a word well enough to use the "Normal" online dictionaries, then this might be you;                    Onelook.com
for a reverse dictionary - Describe a concept and it'll find the word, pronto!

A all-time favourite gotta be this one;"Visuwords" ! Type a word and press enter; and there's no end to, what you can find on a particular word- oh, this is so very interactive indeed! And must be the reason why they invented computers, WWW and all that jazz in the first place!

You know about those "confusing words" you just don't know where to use and when? Here's the site for us bewildered souls!

The fastest searcher on the Web is this one; definr!
It can be integrated into the Firefox toolbar and searches as you type;


 If you like new (slang)words; Urban Dictionary is great! For when you don't have a clue, to what people are talking about - ageing you by the minute! (This one is perfect for integrating with Firefox too!)
 - My personal favorite in the "A new word pr day" dept. is this one;
 Paul McFedries "Wordspy" - It tells me where and when, a first use of the word were spotted - Useful info!!

This is not all folks, I know! 
But it's such a vast, vast area, so to speak and these sites,
 I use regularly!
 - Maybe you have better ones?

(Thanks goes to "Lifehacker" and " Get Lost in Translations sites "for this post!)

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