February 24, 2009

There ain't no going back - Thankfully!

It's has been said been stated that; USA now has their very own "Caricature/drawings" issue, but not quite! 
The US case, though it might be or feel severe nationally. Then the original Danish drawing was a provocation aimed at all Muslims, not only in this country but worldwide. That  everyone feigned surprise, when the demonstrations began internationally, can only been seen as either very, very naive or very, very ignorant - Same same, but different!

I know that most Americans imagine, their proud nation being the very epicenter of the world, but the story of the crazy chimp proceeding the drawing didn't go outside the US! The noise over the Washington Post published drawing did...!
And as said before the only target of the rage, will be the Washington Post (Murdoch's excuse, comes a little late, no?) 
Whereas the Danish version had/ has(?) a broader front line; All things Danish, from burning the embassy in Damascus,  jumping and burning the Flag (though some looked more like the Swiss version) to boycotting Danish products in Saudi supermarkets.

Comparing the newly elected president to a Chimp, seems malicious and outrageous to a nation where segregation, Triple K, Race riots and the Civil Rights Movement marching across the country only lies two generations back.  
One in every eight prisoners in the world, is Afro -American! - And with this bit of info; this particular drawing becomes especially  nasty, as it's two of New York Finest, who's depicted and it's in the law enforcement where discrimination is far from a closed chapter!  So poking "fun"  - (or whatever you'd call it - the Danish drawings were not funny neither) - at the first Afro American President calls forth the most fervid feelings of pride and understandably so! And no need for comparing it to anything. The Chimp drawing speaks volumes of tired, old white men and their tired old white world views growing out of date - fast!

This is NOT one of the original "Danish Drawings" but a spoof on the Danes made by a Dane

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