February 18, 2009

Wheeling and dealing;

This is the deal; When I encounter injustice, I have a real hard time, not welling up.. It's about the only thing, that has that effect on me! Doesn't matter if it's in public places or not, I can feel the tears bursting through like springtime, when the levee brakes. 

Naught matter if it's injustice done to me directly or to the children denied of a future in a war torn country like Gaza/West bank. When I hear the wails of fear, of a boy, being seized by the DR Congo army, looking for new recruits for their army of boy-soldiers. Or when I talk to a Burkha clad woman, born in a country, where women are sick from lack of sunshine on their skin. I cry, when men of faith, dynamites ancient Buddhas or rob the national library.The tears will come, when my grandmother tells me, how life is lived, when you have to ask for your husbands permission for a passport. Listening to women with death in their eyes, while recounting their nightmares of Darfurs Janjaweed raping and killing their daughters and then raping great-grandmother too.

This great lotto ticket; The wheel of fortune in life, which decides where you're born and under which circumstances.... It's got nothing to do with justice or what you're "entitled" to!

By the way;
 People in this country, Denmark, are really good at being "entitled" to just about everything; From welfare to 42" HD ready TV flat screens....
 The two sentences you hear the most is; "It's just not fair!/ I have the right!"

Well, It's just not fair, that Obama has given a fantasyllion to Wall Street, when I haven't got a dime, because I borrowed too much and are paying 500000000% in interests! - But then again it's not fair that millions of children are working their childhood away to keep hunger down!  - It's all about keeping your perspectives, me thinks.....?

 - Even if it does make me howl of the injustice of it all, when I see that a guy like MC Hammer gets his own reality show...???!!! Thus Paying off his mortgage and then some!

My problem these days are of being thoroughly misunderstood by some people & to top it off, having a very sporadic Internet-connection, which won't let me use my "right of free speech" exactly when I want to!                 
  And I will not stand for, having to wait for my
 instant gratification !!! 
Is that all??  Shame on me - uaaaaargh!;


"The Sons of Adam are members of a whole
Each is created from a greater, single soul
Whenever Fate to one of them brings pain
No other can without distress remain
You who for others' torment do not care
Cannont the name of 'Human' rightly bear"

Sa'di [1184 - 1291]

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