February 2, 2009

"Outlawed" - Extraordinary Rendition

Obama has signed the documents, as to close down that shame-full place called 'Gitmo'/Guantanamo Bay - And we're all happy about this, but there's still some 20.000 prisoners out there, according to Lawyer Clive Stafford Smith. They're held in prison cells on American military bases all over the world - outside of the law, with no trial (Don't even mention fair in the same sentence)

The rich European countries have been adamantly against the 'Gitmo' set up, but it comes as no surprise, that now, when it's time, to put some action behind all the fine speeches, they held along the way, carrying the torch high, for human-rights and such noble ideologies.
         Our esteemed leaders of the free old world, is falling all over them selves, as not to take one single one of these broken souls. The fact, that all of the former detainees (who're freed, that is) are innocent, does not come into the account.. Our leaders and our newspapers are playing the fear card with success. The very few, who really are guilty, will not be let loose, hence all the headache and hand wringing on the US part -Where and how to prosecute them?

Just saw a interview with a young US soldier, who was 19 when he served at Guantanamo Bay. When asked about; If he'd ever seen torture, he said that the whole concept were torture in its self and that he'd encountered a lot of very dangerous persons there, most of whom were wearing uniform. He will, as will the victims,  suffer the rest of his life... He with feelings of guilt and the victims with the post traumatic stress syndromes + the repercussions of the torture inflicted upon them.. It's not the people serving there, who should be held accountable, but Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush and Gonzales who rewrote the boundaries of torture should stand and be counted.

Here's a documentary about two of the "Very Dangerous Terrorists" now back with their families - if not divorced after having been away without a word for 4-7 years and then come home as broken men - This are their story;

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