February 12, 2009

Happy birthday, Charlie or "I wanna be just like you"

Today's Darwins birthday and I'll celebrate with doing first some monkey business, then feed the monkey on my back and later I'll go ape-shit....

There is three men, (geniuses?) Who dared to think the exact opposite than every one else of their contemporaries, who were persecuted for their thinking in one way or the other. These three ideas, even though they were conceived a very long time ago, are still the basis for continued study and therefore discussion;
 You might not agree with them or maybe you do, but the fact remains; All of them are giants;

and the notion that earth is not the center of the universe.

and the theory of man descending from the great apes.

and the surprising information; that we are not masters of our own "house"

Darwin was born on Feb.12 1809.  And the "Missing link" discussion is still going strong some 150 years later after it was first published. The percentage of Creationist is 85% in US (!!! That makes me wonder, if they really are to be trusted (";) 
- In Denmark it's the other way round; 80% believes in Darwin's evolution theory.

 Still in the year of our lord 2009 the following; "The "Survival of the fittest" is Satan's work and Darwin a Satanist writing on Satan's bidding" - Is one of the so called 'facts', the Creationists bring to the table as to convince me of the truthfulness of their endeavor....!
Darwin was a raised and bred a faithful Christian man , who did not doubt the literal truth of the Bible and who saw adaptations of species as evidence of design. In all; A devout Christian, who later turned to be the agnostic scientist.
 After he came home from his 5 years sea voyage with the Beagle in 1836, it took him until 1859(!)  before publishing "Origin of the species".... Not being a natural traveller, he never left England again.
 - It would have saddened him greatly to hear the outcries against him, being a humble man who only ever wanted peace, quiet, his wife, their 8 living children and never to upset no one.  

Well, if all this info and stats gets you down - read about the infamous "Darwin Awards - A chronicle of enterprising demises" Hilarious stuff...

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