February 11, 2009

No offence, but don't fence me in......

I know that this is just a small, banal and at times naive blog, where the posts are an expression of my thoughts, when I see injustice done anywhere.
 I appreciate all the readers I have and I would love it, if they sometimes made a comment or gave me feedback on my "layman" views of the world! In that way I would be able to widen my horizon and better myself - Cause I do think, that communication is the the word and the only solution to most problems.... 

How can we even begin to see the end of war, violent conflicts and such on a large scale? When we can't keep peace even with our own neighbours? When people feud over a fence or the shadow of a tree and spend their family fortunes in desperate court cases and the conflict only ends with one of the parties either dying (of old age) or moving away - 

 In New Zealand they have a whole TV-show on warring neighbours!
And in the states they have a whole institution of intermediaries... In Denmark, the problem is growing and the amount of court cases is staggering....

And then we shake our heads in disbelief over warring tribes in Rwanda, DR Congo, Darfur, Afghanistan, Iraq  and not least Israel/Palestine - And we make grumbling noises of why can't they make and hold peace? - They are all fighting because of land and fences... (I haven't seen the outcome of the elections in Israel yet - But I'll write on that later)

Today I'll by some flowers for my next door neighbour, to brighten up their cold winter day...


BABS said...

My family and I were once involved in a serious neighbour conflict over boundaries and different ways of living. Unfortunately for us, there were more of them (neighbours against us) than of us. Plus they had 'friends' in high up places, and the police were unable to protect us when we needed protecting. When these things go above and beyond the law you know you are in serious trouble.

It became violent and vile and all we could do was plead with them to see reason, but they took their own actions. I am not saying we were 'victims' but they definitely 'won'. They got their way in the end and so ended a year of hell and trouble.

This happened in Denmark.

At the height of our neighbour conflict we were told that we should go back to where we came from and that we had no right to be in DK trying to call the shots. The Danish neighbours believed that they had the superior right over us because they believed they had been here longest.

In actual fact, when you have two peoples living close to eachother who want very different ways of life, the only reasonable choice is stronger boundaries and laws. Humans are unable to act like humans when it comes to territory. It takes work to be human, otherwise we are just dogs fighting to the death for our square metres.

I know I have war in me, I know that this is the way it is. It doesn't stop me being disgusted and judgemental about other warring people though.

I cannot choose to send my neighbours flowers because since our conflict we moved to a place where we have no neighbours. Bliss. It is going to be difficult for us to live with neighbours again, they are so annoying (least of problem) and so downright aggressive (worst of problem). Living together in peace, I reckon, is only possible if we agree to live by a set of rules that accept our differences.

To date, I don't see a fair system to everyone anywhere, there is always an underdog, and as always, those with the strongest most powerful connections come out on top.


Whoever said it would be any different here? Do we think this is paradise?

We humans have a very high opinion of ourselves but when the chips are down, we fight like dogs during a famine.

I preach non violence, but when it comes to it, it is only natural we stand up for our family and for our friends. We are hardly likely to risk our lives for people we know would not piss on us if we were on fire are we? And that is the thing, you know, we talk about peace, but all of us would fight if we were in that position.

The best we can do is try to be really peaceful when we get that chance to relax, more peace and less war is good, but war is just a fight for survival in one form or another isn't it?

Don't know what I am going on about, but that was my contribution anyway x

Gabs said...

Yes, I know Danes can be intolerant, nearsighted, self-righteous and a real stubborn in their small and set ways! I only posted this, because of a conflict I have with my beloved neighbours, whom I used to think of as family... And all because of misunderstandings left to stew for a long while and never ever having said, what if anything was wrong! By the way, the flowers didn't help either... So I'll leave them be.... for now! Take good care, Babs and thankyou for your comment! Hugs Gabs