January 4, 2009

Just an Email from the telephone company;

Subject:                     Telco Infrastructure in Gaza Severly Damaged
Date sent:                  Sun, 4 Jan 2009 01:21:31 +0200

Dear All,
I would like to inform everyone that Paltel Infrastructure is  severely damaged in Gaza, all means of communication with the Gaza Strip will be highly affected and may totally cut of; this will include PALTEL , Hadara and Jawwal Mobile services


we are experiencing, Loss of Fuel, infrastructure damage by missiles, towers hit by rockets,  ….
Our technical Staff are unable to fix the damages due to the delicate situation especially after the death of 3 employees while on duty , and dozens hurt from shrapnel.
Our teams are working around the clock, to maintain the service and   keep the communications up with gaza
We hope that this nightmare will end, and we wish safety for everyone.
Best Regards
Mustafa Deeb


Anonymous said...

The reality hits home.

There appears to be very little we can do except sit it out and wait to see what happens after the dust settles.

It is difficult to have that much sympathy for those who are supporting Israel's actions against civilians.

Struggling to understand any of it, and not coming up with any good answers.

In sorrow,


Anonymous said...

It leaves me wanting to shout out my helplessnes from every mountaintop in sight..

The injustice of the fate of the Palestinean people has angered and outraged me for many years... But the violent insistense of the Isareli really baffles me! And the International communnity's lack of response is maybe not surprising, but sadning and maddning nevertheless. ie. UN couldn't even get a written condemnation of Israels invasion together....

In sorrow and anger