January 20, 2009

Now is the winter of discontent, made glorious summer of ?

Barack Hussein Obama and The WonderKid; Jon Favreau did again!!! (Man! That boy can write!)  - Most people prefered the Grant park speech, - but I really enjoyed the imagery of the inauguration speech  and choked up again... As I was supposed to.... But then again, I'm the kind of person who likes Country music, due to the lyrics epic nature - So - eh....!

The first time I teared up during the "show" , was when; Aretha Franklin, with her grey, rhinestoned Daisy Duck bow hat, belted "Freedom" out upon a million freezing people. - her 67 yrs old voice is not what it has been, but she's still the Queen of Soul... 

Tonight I'll celebrate with a good, good Coñac and Laos Coffee... And tomorrow, reality will rear it's ugly face ( This especially when the alarm sounds that early!) and gravity will hit both me and the 44. US President; Barrack H. Obama...... "Let it be told to the future world......." 

Only time will tell to that future world........ But hope is now globally rampant....!

Ps.. This is written later in the evening and after the drink! Now that I'm all sobered up and no longer a victim of mass hypnosis - I'll cuddle up and read the Rolling Stone interview with George W. Bush " The farewell interview, we wish he'd give" By Matt Taibbi... Another great and young writer, but much, much more down to earth than high strung Wonder Kid.