January 12, 2009

When reality is beyond belief

Do we need a calm voice? A voice which is appalled by the the Israeli brutality ? A voice of compassionate motherhood? After listening to Syria's first lady - Elegant, intelligent and down to earth (She was voted the most stylish woman in Politics by french ELLE magazine - beating their very own Carla Sarkozy)
Well then; ... I believe we do... ;

Now when I'm beginning to loose faith in Obama and my soul is slowly numbing from all the bloody photos, the vivid and graphic videos, of agitated Facebook groups and angry, fanatic Zionist comments...... This interview does give some hope that, sanity can be found out there... but does she have the power to persuade? I doubt it ..... unfortunately....

PS; This clip is swiped from La beet

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Case Wagenvoord said...


What a wonderfully eloquent woman. If anyone will end this madness, it will be the mothers. If you have a chance, send me the link on this one.