January 5, 2009

Oh, Brother..... How can you and we go on?

Okay, Back to reality;
The Israeli armed forces are still fighting door to door in Gaza city. Now thoroughly trained in Urban warfare, as one proud Israeli General answered, when she was asked of the difference between the estimated outcome of the Gaza invasion now and the military failure 2 1/2 years ago in South Lebanon! Hundreds of dead has been reported on both sides - as usual mostly Palestinians... like in 400 Palestinians to 4 Israeli....

 Oceans of Sorrow out there.... Rivers of Tears.... Lakes of Blood... 
Oh, Humanity or lack of it..


Sign the Avaaz.org petition here ; Stop the siege and invasion of Gaza

And if you understand Danish and are a part of Facebook; Join this Facebook group

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who speaks in favour of what the Israeli Armies are doing are becoming inhuman in my eyes. This is beyond madness, this is atrocious.