January 24, 2009

But You Can Keep Your Hat On!

Americans will never cease to amaze or fascinate me!  Their new President has had about two full days in office where he has overruled, rearranged and written up some pretty important laws, rules and regulations... But according to the overwhelming response to this little tidbit on the CNN site (When at work; Should Obama wear a jacket or not?) - nothing will be too small to mention or get worked up about! I can already see an endless stream of comparisons with his predecessor from now on... from the color of socks to......? Only your lack of imagination will be able to stop this one! -

Meanwhile Foxnews has launched an all hands on deck for a "Fear and Smear campaign" called "Americas Future" against the new administration (What a surprise!) 
But the really scary thing is,  just how many Americans, who lists this network, as their only source of "News" !!!

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