January 11, 2009

When a "Footprint in the sand" becomes a Bootprint on virtual flesh

My comment; - Do people ("Kate") really think that, I would publish such a blatant and in this case quite tasteless and shameful attempt to hustle products?
 And this, on a post/video on the emotional impact the Gaza war has on the children who, with a bit of "luck" actually will survive this overwhelming experience of watching this biblical amount of human sufferings and the cruelties of Man - 
Do they think I'm an idiot?
Well, maybe I am -
 And published they shall be! And shamefully so.....!!!!


Anonymous said...

When American's want to rebel, the first thing they do is head for the mall.

Anonymous said...

We need our toys and shoes! Pacifiers for the new millennium, for our lack of a healthy soul...

This is for you, my dear one.