January 30, 2009

A shot of Wild Turkey!

I  usually don't have much in common with the Turkish prime minister Erdogan. - His and the Turkish military's hard stance towards the Kurds and the opposing of freedom of speech, is not compatible with how I view things ... To put it mildly!

But I have to give Kudos to Erdogans "Storming out" from a meeting with Israeli PM; Shimon Peres in Davos, Switzerland! Turkey being a "ally" of Israel, Erdogan has shown guts to stand up to Peres over the issue of the Israeli war crimes in Gaza! He's been one of the few, if not the only one who's had the feckin balls to make a stand against the Israelis! 
Apparently it was the (biased?) moderator from The Washington Post, who didn't let Erdogan speak his mind, and call out Peres' denial of any crimes or even wrongdoing! (Link to full video  + transcript on Turkish site, pardon the English grammar ♥) -And it all ended in a shouting match between the esteemed Prime ministers! 

Erdogan, who later might find; this was not the smartest stunt. Enjoyed a hero's welcome home to Istanbul, after having left the summit a bit early!


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Case Wagenvoord said...

Erdogan did redeem himself. Of course, remember that is was Turky who refused to let our planes overfly it when we invaded Iraq.